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Spectacle Lenses at Govans

As an independent company we can order and dispense almost any type of lens a patient needs or wants.

We keep our prices fair and honest, and don't believe in sales targets or commission for our staff.

We now offer the latest Crizal Forte coatings which are easier to keep clean and come with a two year guarantee against scratches.

We offer a wide range of single vision, bifocal (including Executive bifocals) and varifocal lenses in plastic or glass.

We offer lenses from Essilor, Jai Kudo and Nikon, amongst others.

We can advise on, and offer a variety of lens coating and treatments from a basic hard coat to the latest toughened anti reflection coatings.

We also use a UV block as standard on all our tinted lenses to keep our patient's eyes safe in the sun.

Varifocals at Govans

We are a Varilrix Consultant Opticians, able to advise and dispense a very wide range of Essilor varifocals.

Essilor varifocals are tried and tested, we have used them for years, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience about them.

We are happy to discuss your visual needs with you before selecting the appropriate lens for you.

We can now offer the latest X Design Varilux lenses, which offer an unsurpassed field of vision, ease of use and visual comfort.

All our varifocals come with our 1 month return policy to cover any rare cases of non-adaptation, giving our patients peace of mind.

Copies of this are displayed in store and are available at request.

Also many of our staff wear varifocals, just ask them for a user report!