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St Andrews: 01334 474558
Anstruther: 01333 311306

Prescription Sunglasses and Sports Eyewear

We offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses from budget to designer.

We now offer genuine Ray-Ban prescription lenses in all three stores. In St Andrews we stock Oakley and Bolle sunglasses, available with prescription lenses designed for sports. In Dundee we stock Adidas sports sunglasses.


Specific tints aim to improve contrast making it easier to follow the flight of balls and improve green contour recognition.

Bolle also produce golf specific tints, and can glaze sunglasses with a very wide range of powers - from +6.00DS to - 8.00DS in wraparound frames.

As we have a branch in "the home of golf" we are used to considering the best type of glasses lenses and tints for golfers.

We can also advise on windshields and wraparound sunglasses to stop watery eyes!

Oakley and Bolle between them also make a wide range of sports specific tints and sports sunglasses for:

  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Tennis

Please feel free to ask us for any advice you may need.